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DO’s and DON’Ts

Simple DO’s and DON’Ts, which will help You to feel comfortable in Russia and know us better.


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DO’s and DON’Ts

• Bring US dollars, but only in new or relatively new bills or they won't be accepted for exchange. It is better to have bills in denominations of more than $20.You can change them in most banks, just look for the sign outside the building and watch the rates against the ruble. It is a good idea to bring an ATM/Debit card to withdraw extra amounts of cash, just be cautious of the ATM you use.

• Respect the metro. The incredible subway system in Moscow can truly be an inexpensive and convenient blessing. However, the metro can also be the set of a pickpocket. Do not flash money, mobile phones or documents in the metro. Keep your metro pass separate.

• Watch out for your documents. Some will say always carry your passport and visa. Others will disagree. Speak to your host institution on the subject. But regardless, try to get an official copy of your passport and visa and always show that before showing the original. Be sure you have Xeroxes of your passport and Xeroxes - take several. An official "Studenchesky Bilyet" or student card, will often suffice with the local enforcement. When going out, leave your passport and any cards (credit, insurance, ID, etc.) that you won't need.

• Always have a back up. Try to have a back up plan for everything. Have extra money hidden on you and in your room for emergencies; If you are late in the city, save a little cash. In case you miss the last subway (it works till 1am), you will need to take a taxi. Always have important telephone numbers with you. You never know when you will have a need to call.

• Russia uses 220+. If you plan on packing electronic components, bring the necessary adaptor as most homes have no need of them. Hair dryers need at least 1600 wattage converters.

• In the right situation do not be shy. Do not be afraid of making mistakes while trying out your Russian tongue. Most Russians are just happy that you are trying and will help as much as possible. Part of being here is learning how Russians behave between themselves. The more you talk with native speakers, the more you will force yourself to learn. You will learn a lot just by listening to the way they speak, in addition to how they speak. Be open to meeting all the Russians you can. Most Russians are truly warm and hospitable despite their normal cold and pessimistic attitudes on the street.

• When in doubt, ask.  Ask about house rules when you arrive. If you do not know how to do something, simply ask someone. Additionally, Russians show politeness by being vague and beating around the bush. If you are politely insistent, eventually, they will figure out that you really don't know and will enlighten you.


• Notice that everybody in Russia is ethnically Russian. There are more than 100 ethnic groups in Russia.

• Don't take a lot of your money in Traveler's Checks. It can be a pain to find a place to cash them, and when you do, they will take at least 10% of what it is worth. You can literally lose hundreds of dollars just through commission.

• Be careful using ATM's in the metro or on the street. There are many scandals with cards and pin numbers being stolen with ATM's at these locations. Use the ones in the lobbies of hotels that cater to western businessmen where the ATM's are usually guarded and uncorrupted.

• Don't take an illegal taxi alone at night. Avoid a car if it has anyone besides a driver. The best way to take a taxi is to order it by Uber or other official apps.

• Don't be afraid to try new food, customs, words or ask for help.

• Don't be afraid, if people do not smile at you in the streets. It is not customary in Russia, especially in big cities, to talk or smile at strangers, so don't interpret this behavior as coldness or unfriendliness.

• Don't walk around alone at night.

• Don't stay in the dorm/hotel a lot. Your time in Russia will fly a lot faster than you think.

• Do not hesitate to open your soul to Russians. You will be considered a real friend.

Moscow has numerous coffee shops, concert halls, dance halls, theaters, museums and interesting places to visit and walk around and other forms of entertainment. If you are willing to look, you will always find something interesting to do. And we will do everything to help You feel delighted.