The conditions of providing service

On arrival/departure:

1. The passenger and the accompanying person must be informed, that there is a VIP-service is booked for the passenger. Because in many cases the customer doesn’t know that he must been received the VIP-service and go with other passengers through general hall.

2. Please inform the direct mobile phone of the customer or accompanying person. Our representative at the Airport must have the opportunity to contact directly the customer in any emergency. For example: the customer arrived to the Airport SVO- F (2), but our representative has another customer, who’s flight was delayed, in this case we change the representative person and we must have the opportunity to inform the customer about changes.

3. Infant child up to 2 years old is not included to the number of persons on the flight. For example: if there are 2 persons on the flight booked VIP service, one of them is infant child, then the payment will be per 1 person. And, accordingly, if there are 3 persons on the flight, one of them is infant – the payment will be for 2 persons.

4. Only 2 accompanying persons can enter to the VIP-hall free of charge.

On the departure:

1. Foreign passenger must provide Russian visa and check the date of expiry. If the custom control will find the expiration of Russian visa – you will be charged by our company for the fine equal the consulate tax.

2. If  the passenger is apoplectic or has any disease,  impedimental the flight, he must inform us about it in advance and have the medical permission to fly.

3. If the passenger carries the weapon or a work of art, he should have the permission from the appropriated establishment, and note it in the booking.

4. At the Airports Vnukovo and Domodedovo  the packing of 1 box costs 150Russian rubles per 1 place. But you can pack the boxes yourself in advance, nobody will open them at the Airport.

5. The passenger can carry out 250 grams or caviar, 1 liter of Vodka, 2 bottles of wine.

On arrival:

1. According to the rules of the Airport Security Service only a VIP-lounge controller has the right to come to aircraft hose in the transit zone or enter the airfield. After the boarding announcement a VIP-lounge controller enters the transit zone or goes to the airfield by minibus to meet the passengers. The controller has a red "VIP" table, and a table with passenger's surname or with company name on it. The passenger must announce himself (i.e. come to a VIP-lounge employee).

2. Foreign passenger, arriving to Moscow, must declare all amount of money, which he took with him, to have the opportunity to bring them back. Otherwise he will be advised to leave not declared on arrival cash.

3. At SVO- F(2) Airport the driver or accompanying person can wait for the passenger on the second floor at the left sector near the stage. The passenger from VIP-hall comes down to this area, and there comes the luggage. The passenger can use the help with luggage for extra fee.

4. If the passenger arrives with the dog or other pet, which is on the luggage area, then the accompanying person must call to our representative on the flight, and make the appointment, where and when they will meet 1 hour before the flight arrival. Then they go to the operative dispatcher and ask to get the pet at first turn and where to deliver it (to the VIP-hall or to the exit from the VIP-hall together with luggage).