VIP service in SVO-B (1)

The procedure of the meeting through the VIP-lounge at Sheremetyevo-B(1) Airport.

There is a common VIP-lounge for the meetings and seeing-offs at Sheremetyevo-B(1) Airport.

The representative  comes to the VIP-lounge 30-40 minutes before the scheduled arrival time and checks the presence of Customer's surname in the list. After the boarding announcement a minibus is served and our representative accompanied by a VIP-lounge controller goes to the airfield to meet the Customer. The VIP-lounge passengers are met at the aircraft ladder at Sheremetyevo-B (1) Airport, as a rule. We meet all our Customers with a table where Customer's surname or the company name is indicated (if desirable). The Customer must announce himself (i.e. come to a VIP-lounge employee). If a person who arrives has a luggage, our employee takes the luggage stickers and gives them to a controller. After all the passengers of the VIP-lounge come to the place of meeting, the whole group accompanied by a VIP-lounge controller goes to the VIP-lounge.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the transit zone independently!

An Immigration Passport Control official takes passengers' passports for the registration at the VIP-lounge entrance. After that a Customs Control representative could ask to put the hand luggage at X-rays. If a passenger has cash currency (over 3 000 USD) or something which must be declared, he has to fill in the declaration form. According to the new Customs Service rules, a passenger has the right to take out only that sum of the currency, which was declared on arrival to the country.

We warn our Customers about this fact at every meeting without fail.

The passenger can wait for his luggage at any convenient place at the VIP-lounge. An access to the free Moscow city telephones is offered at his service, and also a wide choice of newspapers and magazines. If the Customer makes order in the VIP-lounge bar, he has to pay for it by himself.

Our representative will stay at the VIP-lounge till the Customer gets his luggage. The information about the readiness of luggage will be announced and then the luggage will be brought to the VIP-lounge entrance. The delivery of passenger's luggage to a car is not included in the VIP-lounge services cost.

Driver who is meeting a passenger will be waiting him at the VIP lounge.

To enter a free VIP-parking at Sheremetyevo-B (1) Airport a special permission is not required, it is enough to tell the surname and flight number of a passenger who arrives or flies away.

The procedure of the seeing-off through the VIP-lounge at Sheremetyevo-B (1) Airport.

There is a common VIP-lounge for the meetings and seeing-offs at Sheremetyevo-B (1) Airport.

The passenger must arrive to the airport not later than an hour and ten minutes before the flight as the passenger check-in finishes 40-50 minutes before the flight. The passenger or his driver must get in touch with our representative by phone on his way to the airport or on arrival to the VIP-lounge. Our representative will help the passenger to fill in the declaration form and get through the Customs Control. A Customs Control official could ask the Customer to examine his luggage. Then the Customer accompanied by our representative passes the passenger check-in on the flight. The passport and passenger's ticket are transmitted to the Passport Control before the boarding.

After all these procedures are successfully got through, a driver could be free. The passenger is offered to accommodate at the VIP-lounge before the boarding announcement (20-30 minutes before the flight). After the boarding announcement the "VIP-AIRPORT.COM" representative leads the passenger to the transit zone exit. A VIP-lounge controller leads him to the aircraft ladder. We remind you that some fine arts works, articles made of jewel metals, antiquarian articles demand for special permission or are forbidden for export. If you export something of the sort, please, get in touch with our company office in order to specify the correctness of document procedures.If transporting the animals, please, let us know about this as well, as in this case the time of document procedures increases. We also remind you that there is a list of goods (alcohol, tobacco, black and red caviar), which are strictly limited per one person.

To enter a free VIP-parking at Sheremetyevo-1 Airport a special permit is not required, it is enough to tell the surname and flight number of a passenger who arrives or flies away.