A trip to Rostov Velikiy

Duration: 10 hours

Opening days: open daily, except Monday, 10.00am-5.30pm

Tour Plan:

A trip from Moscow to Rostov and back takes ten hours altogether. Rostov Veliki ( the Great) is a small picturesque town ( 190 km from Moscow), one of the oldest on the Golden ring route. It rises like a vision among the boundless expanse of Russian province. A wonder town on the shore of Lake Nero, magnificent in any season. The history of the settlement goes back to the year 862, but real fame came to Rostov in the 17th century, when it became one of the major centres of Orthodox religion and Kremlin was constructed, to become a masterpiece of architecture arousing universal admiration. Although the town was repeatedly exposed to invasions and destruction, the number of architectural monuments, which reached our days is amazing. Encircled by powerful walls, the Kremlin dominates the town with its white towers and cathedrals, with their unique and fascinating domes. Apart from its wonderful architecture Rostov is one of the centres of Russian craftsmanship. For centuries the town has been famous for Russian coloured enamels made on copper. City tour includes a visit to the Kremlin with access to the wall passages and to the museum of Rostov enamel, known as “finift’”.

Guide-Translator for the excursion:

10 hours

Russia language: 7500 RUR
English, German, French: 8000 RUR
Italian, Spanish: 9000 RUR
Polish, Czech, Bulgarian: 10000 RUR
Chinese, Japanese, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish: 12500 RUR
Arabic, Turkish, Corean, Hebrew: 15000 RUR

Additional charges:

Entrance ticket:

Foreign tourists (children): from 188 rubles

Foreign tourists (adults): from 188 rubles

Russian tourists (children): from 132 rubles

Russian tourists (adults): from 163 rubles

Transport for excursion:

Economy class car

Business class car

VIP class car

Minibus (8 pax)
(Volkswagen Sharan, Crysler Voyager)

Minibus (20 pax)
(Mercedes Sprinter)

Bus (45-55 pax)
(Mercedes, Volvo, Neoplan)

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A trip to Rostov Velikiy


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