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In the northern part of Lake Ladoga, there is the Valaam archipelago, whose name was given to the island of Valaam. This name also bears the world-famous monastery erected on it. Its history goes back to the X - XI centuries. Since then, an outstanding landscape architectural complex has gradually formed around it.
The magnificent stone monastery complex includes the Transfiguration Cathedral, its cell buildings, hotels for pilgrims, the Holy Gates with the Gate Church of Peter and Paul, the Church of the Assumption and the Life-Giving Trinity, the Intercession Chapel, the Church of the Reverend Fathers.
At your request, we are ready to offer sightseeing tours of different durations taking into account the departure points on comfortable "meteors"boat . Departure is possible from the cities: Petrozavodsk, Sortavala, Ladoga, Priozersk.

Tour Plan:

Priozersk city, landing on a «meteor» boat, moving to Valaam island, walking tour of the island, climbing Mount Tabor, a memorial sign, passage through the Holy Gates, Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, free time for lunch, St. Nicholas Skete, St. Nicholas Church, Poklonniy Cross, Apple-tree  garden, return to Priozersk.

Price from: 6700 RUR

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