Poklonnaya Gora Memorial and Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Duration: about 1,5 hours

Opening days: open daily, except Monday, 10.00am-6.00pm

Tour Plan:

Monument “The tragedy of nations”, expositions of the museum, dioramas, Victory obelisk, fountain path.

The Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War contains the ultimate exposition dedicated to the World War II. The main exhibition is arranged around a Hall of Glory with the names of the heroes of the Soviet Union.  The dioramas behind the Hall of Memory depict the critical battles of Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk and the Dnieper, and the fall of Berlin.

The Victory obelisk 142,5 m high topped by Goddess Nike is in front of the museum building. The park with fountains runs past a memorial church, mosque, and synagogue. Near the museum there is the permanent open-air exhibition of military hardware.



Guide-Translator for the excursion:

about 1,5 hours

Russia language: 4900 RUR
English, German, French: 5200 RUR
Italian, Spanish: 6000 RUR
Polish, Czech, Bulgarian: 6500 RUR
Chinese, Japanese, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish: 8000 RUR
Arabic, Turkish, Corean, Hebrew: 9500 RUR

Additional charges:

Entrance ticket:

Foreign tourists (children): 350 rubles

Foreign tourists (adults): 350 rubles

Russian tourists (children): 250 rubles

Russian tourists (adults): 300 rubles

Transport for excursion:

Economy class car

Business class car

VIP class car

Minibus (8 pax)
(Volkswagen Sharan, Crysler Voyager)

Minibus (20 pax)
(Mercedes Sprinter)

Bus (45-55 pax)
(Mercedes, Volvo, Neoplan)

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Poklonnaya Gora Memorial and Museum of the Great Patriotic War


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