Excursion in Pushkin (Catherine's Palace and Park)

Duration: about 4,5 hours

Opening days: open daily, except Thuesday and on the last Monday of every month, 10.00am-6.00pm

Tour Plan:

The ensemble of the Catherine's Palace and Park are Located some 12 miles (about 25 kilometers) away from St.Petersburg. In the seventeenth century there was a Finnish farm here at Dudorovsky eminence called "Saari mois" in Finnish language. In 1708-1724 Tsarskaya Mysa was the residence of Peter the Great's wife, the Empress Catherine I. From 1741 Tsarskoye Selo became the residence of the Empress Elizabeth and during her reign the architect Rastrelli created a magnificent Emperial Palace, a brilliant masterpiece of Russian baroque.

Guide-Translator for the excursion:

about 4,5 hours

Russia language: 5500 RUR
English, German, French: 6000 RUR
Italian, Spanish: 7000 RUR
Polish, Czech, Bulgarian: 8000 RUR
Chinese, Japanese, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish: 9500 RUR
Arabic, Turkish, Corean, Hebrew: 10500 RUR

Additional charges:

Entrance ticket:

Foreign tourists (children): 980 rubles

Foreign tourists (adults): 980 rubles

Russian tourists (children): 850 rubles

Russian tourists (adults): 850 rubles

Transport for excursion:

Economy class car

Business class car

VIP class car

Minibus (8 pax)
(Volkswagen Sharan, Crysler Voyager)

Minibus (20 pax)
(Mercedes Sprinter)

Bus (45-55 pax)
(Mercedes, Volvo, Neoplan)

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Excursion in Pushkin (Catherine's Palace and Park)


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