Grand Tour to Karelia

the tour is designed for 6 Days


This very interesting and eventful tour will allow you to get acquainted with the best sights of Karelia in 6 days - admire Lake Onega and Ladoga, visit all three spiritual centers of Russia - Kizhi, Valaam and Solovki islands. You will make a unique journey to the White Sea and will be able to experience all the grandeur and magnificence of the nature of the Russian North. Recommended tour for adults and children of any age!

Tour Plan:

 1 day. Petrozavodsk. Group gathering. City tour. Master Class. Hotel accommodation.
 2 day. The excursion program on the island of Kizhi.
 3 day. Excursion program on the island of Valaam. Visit to the mountain park Ruskeala. A tour of the Marmara Canyon. Return to Petrozavodsk.
 4 day. Departure to Kem. Kivach waterfall, arboretum, reserve of the Karelian birch, museum of nature. Medvezhyegorsk.
 5 day. Sightseeing tour of the Solovetsky archipelago.
 6 day. Departure from Kemi

Price from: 27000 RUR

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Grand Tour to Karelia


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