Tour to Solovki

the tour is designed for 3 Days


The Solovetsky Archipelago has the status of a specially protected area, historical, architectural and natural museum-reserve. The most famous among the islands of the archipelago is the Big Solovetsky Island. It is here that the only village of the archipelago and the main historical, spiritual and natural attractions of the museum are located.

The Solovetsky Monastery, which is one of the largest spiritual and cultural centers of Russia, was founded in the 15th century by the monks Zosima and German. The cloister played an outstanding role in the history of the strengthening of the Russian state in the northern territories.

Tour Plan:

1st day

Meeting with a guide on the sea pier or at the Solovki airport, transfer by bus to the hotel, hotel accommodation, lunch.
Lunch at the restaurant.
Inspection of the area and the first tour of the Solovetsky Monastery.
Sightseeing walking tour of the monastery "History and Architecture of the Solovetsky Monastery" with a visit to existing temples and monuments included in the "UNESCO World Heritage List".
Dinner. You can have dinner in the hotel restaurant or in other restaurants and cafes of the island.

2nd day

A fascinating boat trip along the system of lakes of the Big Solovetsky Island, connected by man-made canals. On the tour you need to take lunch with you, since there are no shops and cafes in the forest. Lunch can be ordered in the hotel restaurant or purchased products in the Solovetsky shops located a five-minute walk from the hotel.

Lakes and canals of Solovki. Boat trip in a small circle of the lake-channel system in boats.
Duration of the tour: 5-6 hours.

During the tour, visitors will learn about the hydrotechnical monuments and structures of the Big Solovetsky Island, will go on boats through man-made canals connecting 5 lakes. The distance traveled by visitors through the lake-channel system is 5 -6 km.

Note: the distance from the tour desk to the boat station (2.8 km) and back visitors walk. After the briefing, visitors are seated in Pella boats with a capacity of 4-5 people. The boat is controlled independently (but it’s not at all difficult and very exciting, the distances are small, but everyone will have time to feel a bit like northern gondoliers) The tour is conducted under favorable weather conditions and in the absence of a storm warning.

"Mount Sekirnaya. Holy Ascension Skete "
Duration of the tour: 3 hours.

Summary: Tourists will visit one of the highest points of the Big Solovetsky Island - Mount Sekirnaya, from the top of which an unforgettable view of the northern part of the Big Solovetsky Island and the White Sea opens. They will get acquainted with the history and monuments of the existing Holy Ascension Skete, where during the times of the Solovetsky camp there was a punishment cell - the place of detention and punishment of prisoners. They will see a unique lighthouse church.

The monastery is valid, excursionists must comply with the requirements of the charter of the monastery and be properly dressed.


3rd day

Breakfast. Release rooms.
"Sights of the Big Zayatsky island"
(for an additional fee of 1500 rubles)

Duration of the tour: 3 hours.

Summary: Boat trip to the Big Zayatsky island. Tourists will visit the largest pagan sanctuary of the II-I millennium BC, see stone labyrinths, a complex of religious and funerary structures, the first stone harbor in Russia, and the monuments of St. Andrew’s Skete.

Note: Travel time from the Bolshoi Solovetsky Island to the Bolshoi Zayatsky Island by sea takes about 1 hour.

The tour is conducted under favorable weather conditions and in the absence of a storm warning.

Zayatsky island belongs to the category of strict preservation, the excursion is possible only as part of the excursion group, accompanied by a guide.

The final walk along the Big Solovetsky island. You can visit numerous souvenir shops, dine in a cafe or restaurant, visit the store of products of the Arkhangelsk algae plant (creams, salt, shampoos - all based on White Sea algae and at affordable prices), you can visit the Solovetsky Maritime Museum.

Transfer by bus to the airport or to the pier. Departure from Solovki.

The price of the tour includes: meeting-off at the pier or at the Solovki airport; accommodation at the selected hotel; food: breakfast, lunch (on the day of arrival); sightseeing tour "History and architecture of the Solovetsky monastery"; “Along the blue and green roads of Solovki” - A small circle of canals (in boats); monuments of the Holy Ascension Skete - Sekirnaya Gora (by bus); guide accompaniment daily.

The time and day of the excursions may vary depending on weather conditions and the blessing of the monastery!

The cost of excursions indicated as for an additional fee may vary slightly.
The cost of the tour per person when staying in a standard room in the Solovki Hotel:

 In a double room: 17 350 rubles
 In a single room: 24350 rubles
 In a triple room: 15850 rubles
 In a triple room: 15500 rubles

Price from: 17350 RUR

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Tour to Solovki


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