Kazan - Bulgar. North mecca

The tour is designed for 2 days


You will enjoy the original beauty of Kazan, its streets, squares.  Hear amazing stories about the treasures of the Kazan khans, a unique legend about the emergence of the city.  Visit the ancient city of Bulgar, the capital of the Volga Bulgaria with its mosques and minarets.

Tour Plan:

1 day
City tour, Lake Kaban, Freedom Square, Kazan University, lunch, interactive program "Yakyk Duslar", tour of the Kazan Kremlin, National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, hotel accommodation, evening bus and pedestrian "Lights of Kazan" for an additional fee.

2 day
Museum-Reserve Bulgar, Cathedral Mosque, Big Minaret, Eastern Mausoleum, Northern Mausoleum, Khan's Tomb, Small Minaret, Black Chamber, White Mosque, Museum of Bulgarian Civilization, Memorial Sign Museum.

Price from: 5600 RUR

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Kazan - Bulgar. North mecca


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