Day 4

1-Day Individual Tour
from EUR 23 per person /USD 30 per person

  • Sergievo Lavr Tour (with a visit of a territory and cathedrals) from10 am – 6 pm

Tour duration: 8 hours 
The tour includes: tour guiding, tickets, bus service

Day 4 | 10am – 6pm

The Sergievo Lavr Tour


Our tour guide picks up the group from the hotel.
About Sergievo Lavr Tour: The Sergiev Posad, the most known Russian town on Golden ring route is often called the Russian Vatican. In the early fourteenth century a monastery of the Trinity was founded here by Venerable Sergius of Radonezsh to become later on the largest and one of the most important centres of Russian Orthodox religion. The Trinity monastery of St. Sergius represents a fantastic architectural complex of the 14th-19th   centuries. The holy relics of St. Sergius are kept in the oldest Trinity cathedral,   which is famous for the icons by the greatest Russian icon painter Andrey Rublev. His famous “Trinity” icon was specially made for this Cathedral.


Lunch (Russian or any cuisine) from 12 EURO/15 USD per person.


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