Car rentals



  1. 24 hours before the rental start time client pays 100% of supposed rental hours or prepay the sum equal to the minimum car rental price.;
  2. Client is obliged to pay for extra hours on expiry of prepaid rental time (extra time is rounded up to 1 hour);
  3. During car rental period the client is in charge to pay for parking services;
  4. Smoking and alcohol drinks are not allowed inside rental car;
  5. In a case of any damage of the car caused by the client the latest is obliged to compensate for damage to the driver;
  6. In a case of engine breakdown the service company will replace the car as soon as possible to the car of the same class.

The service is considered as unperformed through the fault of the client if:

  • the client violates the terms of service,
  • there is the actual data mismatch with services booked beforehand,
  • the client cancels the order without previous notice to the monitoring service by 24 hour phone numbers: + 7 495 741-3870, +7 095 741-5858

The cancellation of confirmed booking must be done at least 1 working day before the transfer date.

If the service isn’t fulfilled through the fault of the client, cost of services will not be refund to the client!