Information about Russian visa step by step


To choose a type of visa: private, tourist, business, or transit.

To enter the Russian Federation, you must have a current valid visa. This is obtainable from the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, or the Russian Consulate General by submitting.

Please bear in mind that the LOI (letter of invitation) and the visa are two different things. You must first apply for a LOI, then you must send in that LOI when you apply for a visa.

One of the following official invitations for the appropriate visa:

  • Private invitation (Izvesheniye) issued to your friends in Russia by the UVIR. This must be the original document, not a fax or photocopy.
  • Tourist invitation from a registered company consists of official confirmation, and a voucher for accommodation bearing the reference number for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This may be faxed from a registered organisation in Russia.
  • Business invitation from a registered business or organisation. Generally the original document is required.
  • Transit visas do not require an invitation, but a copy of the travel tickets, and a valid visa (if needed) for the country of entry from Russia is required.

Information about Russian Visa: After you receive you Invitation